Friday, July 11, 2014

Mini-conference focuses on the serious business of play

Bloomsburg University’s College of Education recently hosted the 5th Annual Mini-Conference on Play, Development, and Early Childhood Education. In partnership with Penn State University’s College of Education and Syracuse University’s Jack Reilly Institute for Early Childhood and Provider Education, this year’s conference focused on the promotion of developmentally and culturally appropriate practices in early childhood development and education by emphasizing the interplay among ecological niches, child development, and early education. Dr. Michael Patte organized the event, in keeping with his many distinguished accomplishments in the area of play.

In keeping with the mission of the three sponsoring institutions to promote children’s safety and optimal development, featured topics this year included: “A Look Inside Tocati, The International Festival of Street Games” presented by Michael Patte of Bloomsburg University, “International Perspectives on Play: Themes from a New Volume” presented by Jaipaul L. Roopnarine of Syracuse University, “Teaching Teachers to Play for ECE and More” presented by James E. Johnson and Serap Sevimli-Celik of Penn State University, and “Kids Want Play-Friendly Parents and Teachers…Why?” presented by Belma Tugrul of Hacettepe University.